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Pre-Litigation and Mediation

8/10 invoices settled before Court Action or Debtor liquidation.
What we do

We specialise in working with Creditors and Debtors to resolve payment disputes and longstanding debts before Court or further legal action.

Pre-Litigation Resolution

Navigating through existing Invoice disputes.

This phase is crucial because it offers both parties an opportunity to resolve the matter without the time, expense, and adversarial nature of litigation. It is especially helpful to Creditors which want to regain potentially valuable trading relations with their business customers.It should not be considered as an alternative to Court but as a necessary step before Court Action is taken. Understandably Creditors often feel aggrieved when they haven’t rightfully been paid for their products/services and rush into threatening Debtors with Court Action. In certain situations prompt court action does work, although it can sometimes do greater harm than good and create further tensions and division between both parties.
Debtor Dilemmas

Challenges and Solutions

Debtors either take a flight or fight response when confronted in this way and both are problematic to the Creditor. Communication is usually either non-existent or combative at this point which provides no clear favourable solution. Furthermore, many Debtors are often in dire straits financially and so avoid confrontation or embarrassment by not responding to the Creditor at all. And when Court Action finally delivers a favourable outcome to the Creditor, many Debtors simply file for liquidation before any monies or goods can be recovered, ultimately leaving the Creditor further out of pocket.
Invoice Claims

Free Invoice Building & Billing Software

Use Invoice Claims
Proactive Debt Resolution

Strategic Debt Management

We take a proactive, affable but firm approach to addressing the issue with Debtors. We try to gain an understanding as to why they haven’t paid a debt and explore various resolution options such as payment plans, lump sum discounts or potential future business contracts (subject to credit control measures).
Recovery Tactics

The Art of Diplomacy

Our experience unfortunately tells us that our clients (Creditors) are usually not the only ones awaiting payment and so by using diplomacy with “carrot-and-stick” tactics usually yields better outcomes for our client in the quickest time. By reaching common ground and empathising with a Debtor enables us to better reason with them and verbally coax them into releasing potentially limited funds to our client over somebody else in the que awaiting payment. Any point of contact between us and the Debtor is recorded and accessible to the Creditor via their online portal. If we cannot recover the full balance immediately, we will always insist on a ‘downward payment plan” wherein the debtor can start by making a lump sum payment with smaller payments thereafter until the balance is cleared.
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