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Late Fee Calculator

See how much Interest and Compensation your business could be owed.
Late Fees

Our Late Fee Calculator

Our Invoice Claims late fee calculator enables you to quickly estimate the amount of interest and compensation you are likely to receive per outstanding or unpaid invoice.
Our Calculator

Calculation of Interest and Compensation for Overdue Invoices

The calculation is based on days-beyond terms i.e. the amount of days passed since the original balance was due. For instance, if your original invoice terms was 30 days then each day past this day would be classed as overdue.Our Invoice Claims calculator multiplies the overdue days to get an overall interest amount plus the fixed compensation fee depending on the amount per invoice. The fixed compensation fee you are entitled to depends on the value of the overdue invoice. For invoices below £1000 you can claim £40, invoices above £1000 but below £10,000 can claim £70, and invoices above £10,000 can claim £100 compensation.
Interest can be charged at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate.
You can also claim for reasonable costs each time you try to recover the debt.
Interest accrues daily from the first day the invoice becomes overdue.

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